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Meet the people behind the success of Local 60

Ronald R. Rosser

Business Manager

John J. Sabathe


Michael A. Eilers

Benefits Administrator

Union Office

Dawn Fontz

Danielle Derbyshire

Benefits Office

Debra Blackwell

Michelle Fregia

Lisa Becnel


Ellis Bourque III

John Marcade

Joann Theriot

Pension Fund

The Local 60 Pension Fund is a multi-employer pension fund established to provide retirement, disability and death benefits to members of, and individuals represented by, Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 60. Plan benefits are based upon annual employer contributions for participants which are reported to Local 60 from employer locations.

Health and Welfare Plan

The Local 60 Health and Welfare Plan is designed to provide medical and prescription coverage to members and their families, as well as provide benefits to workers during periods of unemployment or disability.

401(k) Plan

The Local 60 401(k) plan works as a supplement to the Local 60 Pension Fund. It is a retirement savings plan sponsored by Local 60 that allows members to save and invest a portion of their income with a pre-tax benefit.