Dear State and Local Building Trades Leaders:

Many Building Trades Counciils from around the nation have been contacting the BCTD to express their support for the workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and several other states who are being subjected to an all-out attack by the radical right.

The AFL-CIO has recently rolled out actions for people to show support for embattled state and local workers. There will be more in coming days, and I will pass those along as soon as I have them. For now, please join in and pass these along:

  • Add a “We Are One” Facebook and Twitter avatar to show your solidarity with state workers. Click here for icons.
  • Change your Facebook status to: I stand in solidarity with teachers, firefighters, nurses, construction workers and all who are under attack by governors and state legislatures.
  • Write a message of solidarity to workers at the We Are One Facebook page.
  • When tweeting about Wisconsin, also please use #notmywi
  • For Ohio, #standupOH
  • For general tweeting about the attacks on unions, us the #1u hashtag

And don’t forget to check our “WE Party Patriots” blog for up-to-the minute news and information on these battles – not to mention some funny and entertaining items.

Keep up the good fight.


Tom Owens
Director of Marketing and Communications