Call your Senators! Ask them to support the creation of 13,000 construction jobs! Ask them to sign the letter supporting the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline!

March 9, 2011

Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, General President Hite has made constructing the TransCanada Keystone pipeline a top priority for the United Association.  Through this project, the U.S. will receive oil from our ally neighbor, Canada, rather than increasing dependency on adversary Middle Eastern countries.  What’s more, TransCanada has already signed a Project Labor Agreement for all aspects of construction.  Our membership will directly benefit from the projected 13,000 high-wage and good-benefit jobs, needed to construct this pipeline.

Currently, Senator Landrieu, of Louisiana, is circulating a letter in Washington D.C.  She, and her staff, are in the process of acquiring signatures supporting the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline.  ON FRIDAY, March 11, the letter will be sent to Secretary of State Clinton.  We are asking you to call your Senator and urge them to sign on to Senator Landrieu’s support letter! Locate your Representatives’ contact information here.

TransCanada applied for the final Presidential Permit, needed before beginning construction, in 2008.  Two years have passed and our industry is experiencing 30% unemployment.  We cannot afford to wait any longer!

What you need to know:

-   This project will create 13,000 good-paying construction jobs, with proper benefits.  In addition to the hundreds of permanent positions needed for daily operation, along the multi-state route.

-   If we do not act, China has already taken the financial and tactical steps to gain from our loss.  Eventually, our original private investment will be re-sold to us, by the Chinese, at an ever higher cost to the tax-payer.

-   The US currently invests in oil from Canada, Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.  In order to increase our national security we need to decrease our reliance on foreign energy.  We must become energy independent!

This is a win-win for our country, our economy and our members.  Call your Representatives today!  If you have any questions, please contact the Department.

Thank you.

United Association Legislative Action Task Force